In a world of disposable pop music, there are a few artists who somehow manage to create music that pierces the monotonous tedium of the Top 40. From the first time we hear them, there is an intimacy, a fire, a subtle shade of interpretation that spurs our imagination. With repeated encounters comes a warmth and familiarity that is at once visceral and spiritual. We connect with them. We feel we know them. Mary-Kathryn is such an artist.

Throughout her music there are themes that frequently appear including love, peace, faith, prayer, worship and angels. In addition to singing English lyrics, on previous recordings Mary-Kathryn has sung in Hebrew as well as the Sou-Sou language from Benin, West Africa. At times Mary-Kathryn sings “in the spirit” where her vocalizations are either sounds or unknown languages although they variously resemble Mid-Eastern, Gaelic, French or American Indian voices. “As with any language that is sung, you don’t have to understand it to enjoy it,” she explains. 

 All of Mary-Kathryn’s recordings primarily feature original material. Her first album was Perfect Gift, unveiled to the world with a live performance on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Gospel America” television show with an introduction by Pat Boone.  Her second CD, Stream in the Desert, was recorded in Nashville with “first call” session musicians including guitarist Jerry McPherson and drummer Steve Brewster, both of whom have recorded with Faith Hill, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, The Winans, Jewel, Sandi Patty, Peter Cetera, Twila Paris and other top acts. The One Spirit CD (produced by one of Canada’s top producers, Roy Salmond) had appearances by Hugh and Fergus Marsh, Steve Bell (“Unto the Least of These”) and Aboubacar “Papa” Camara, among others. Mary-Kathryn also has two of her earlier best-known songs (“Tehillah” and “You Are The Christ”) on the compilation CD Tongues of Fire (also featuring Moya Brennan of Clannad). 

On her fourth album, Dreams & Visions, Mary-Kathryn blends elements of soft pop, rock and folk with world music influences as diverse as the continents to create a spiritual amalgam that transcends musical boundaries. Sophisticated without being elitist, understated without being simplistic, Mary-Kathryn displays an emotional depth that can only be described as ethereal.

With Dreams & Visions Mary-Kathryn delves deep into the world music realm, painting word pictures on an aural canvas with exotic instrumentation, adroit production and lyrics that are nothing short of God-haunted. But as Billboard Magazine so aptly put it, “the most affecting instrument…is Mary-Kathryn’s lovely voice.”

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